Show positive to receive positive: Introduction

During the following days I will share with you a series of posts that were part of a workshop given in 2010 as part of the V Teaching Development Conference, in Lima, Peru. It was called “Show positive to receive positive” and it was related to classroom management. However, I am sure you will find many of its tips applicable to your every day life.

The aims of this workshop were the following:

1) Identify the importance of a positive first impression in our teaching environment.

2) How to deal with “difficult” classroom settings acting like a mirror.

3) How to use the power of positive words in everyday life.

If you want to build up a safe environment inside your classroom for you and your students, there are three key words to keep in mind: Role model, truth and positive thinking.

Now you may ask yourself why I should consider all those things? Well, because in the first place we are teachers and then we can be ourselves. And you may add that you have the right to feel sick, sad, or angry, and you may be right but when you choose to be a teacher you choose more than a regular job you decide on a way of life with certain implications. And that is when these key words start playing its part in our teaching.

Let’s face it, as uncomfortable as it is: we are role models. It doesn´t matter if we are teaching adults or kids all students will look up to you before doing anything. Now the question is: What kind of role model I am?  And the answer is simple I´m a psychotic one, why? Because I have 2 personalities. Do you want to know more about them?  If so, I invite you to follow our next post “The Mirror has two Faces” where we will have the chance to go deeper into this topic.


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