“Show Positive to receive Positive” part 4: Positive Thinking & Conclusions

Now we are reaching the end of our workshop and it is time to focus on the third key word: positive thinking.

Let’s keep it simple, the more positive our word choice is, the faster our expectations will be fulfilled. You don’t believe me? Just try once; you have nothing to lose, on the contrary if you open this door of opportunity a whole new perspective will stand in front of your eyes.

The reason was stated in the previous session by underlying assertiveness as a fundamental element in the vocabulary of any leader; and by assertive we mean positive as well. If I change the focus of my work from what my students lack of, to what my students actually have; every single instruction I give in class will be welcome. Why? Because I will be talking about something they understand and moreover, something they can perform.

I am not saying that you will foster people to work inside their comfort zone; on the contrary I am suggesting a new perspective when making the invitation to go further. If your words sound convincing enough, you have no idea how much influence they will have in people’s lives and performance, especially if you are talking to someone who respects you.

So think positive not only about yourself, but also when you think about others and you will become the mirror where they see themselves in all their potential and that is just great.

Now I invite to see this video and I really hope you enjoy it:



  • We have learned how to deal better with negative attitude in different social environments where we interact every day.
  • Now we can build good rapport with people which is essential for a good teaching/working environment.
  • Finally we became aware of the power of our words, and now we will use them positively.

Stay positive…you never know when you will need an extra smile.

Marjorie Hernandez



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